PROGRAM MISSION STATEMENT - The NuHorizons Jobs For Women Program will provide women who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault  ("Program Participants") throughout Central New York a comprehensive 'jobs program' These individuals have unique barriers to economic success due to their individual circumstances. Our NuHorizons Jobs For Women Program will help provide a better life for our Program Participants by helping to break the 'chain' of governmental dependency, through our jobs program which will provide job training, REAL on the job experience, and assistance in qualifying for, locating, and securing self-sustaining permanent community employment, to help our Program Participants achieve their dream and our goal - successful integration back into the community with dignity. Success of the Program Participants will also achieve a goal of benefiting  the community, as dependency of Program Participants upon governmental resources will be drastically reduced or eliminated, in the process contributing to the alleviation of poverty and homelessness.

PROGRAM NEED - Along with housing and counseling, economic security is often reported as a top need of survivors seeking safety. Stable employment and the ability to support one’s family is a key factor in whether a survivor is able to leave an abusive relationship. For survivors who need to improve their skills or pursue new careers, workforce development programs can provide an important path to economic security and safety.   On average, a woman leaves an abusive relationship seven times before she leaves for good, according to The National Domestic Violence Hotline.  Nationwide, 75% of battered women return to their abusers due to economic and financial instability (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence).  This statistic points to the need to examine new methods to help these women break the cycle of return to the abuser such as the practices being promoted by the Nuhorizons Jobs For Women Program. These include comprehensive programs and services   focused on individualized circumstances of need, resulting in meaningful employment that will lead to financial stability.

RESEARCH : Our research determined that the incorporation of a trauma-focused approach relating to the services and programs made available through the Nuhorizons Jobs For Women Program is essential.   Research is now providing documentary evidence of what anyone dealing with victims of domestic violence or sexual assault has long recognized. Trauma is a key element of victims’ experience and can impede their ability to function and move forward with a sense of physical, mental, and/or emotional well-being. Failure of service providers to recognize the impact of trauma and to address it in their programs and dealings with victims undermines efforts to help them and provide them with the tools to free themselves from their adverse circumstances. At worst, these well-meaning efforts might unintentionally re-traumatize the victims. Trauma has many causes and each person experiences trauma differently. Some are able to move beyond it more quickly than others. Others may wrestle with its effects for decades even when its cause has been eliminated. Trauma and its effects are not confined to the immediate objects of abuse, such as a woman physically assaulted by her partner. Children exposed to violence at home suffer the results of trauma even if not attacked themselves. Those who study the issue estimate that between 4.5 million and 15 million children are exposed to physical violence; that does not count verbal and emotional abuse which can be just as traumatizing. Even service providers are subject to trauma as they organize and deliver services to victims. They can become overwhelmed by the challenges of working with victims and being constantly exposed to the effects of abuse. The good news is that research and the testimonies of those who have been through the fire show that with appropriate support and interventions trauma can be overcome. Some people even become stronger. That is an important message that should undergird programs designed to help abuse victims and be constantly reiterated to them. Nuhorizons understands that for victims of domestic abuse to reach the point where they are economically and socially self-sustaining, which is the ultimate goal, they need to acquire more than marketable job skills. They need to also acquire the mindset of a survivor who is moving beyond the effects of trauma. Many of the women with whom Nuhorizons interacts and who become candidates for Nuhorizons Jobs For Women Program suffer from some level of trauma. Many have young children who also have been traumatized. Accordingly, Nuhorizons will take a trauma-focused approach in designing the programs and services we provide. One of the measures of success will be the extent to which Program Participants show progress in overcoming their trauma.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION -The programs and services available to Program Participants will provide the opportunity to combine access to acquire educational and vocational skills needed to enter the workforce with job training and experience to secure self-sustaining employment. Training will be provided to both staff and participants to raise awareness of the effects of trauma and how it may be manifested in work situations. The increased sensitivity should help resolve issues and find solutions. Encouragement will be promoted and progress celebrated.

A Client Action Plan (“CAP”) will be prepared for each Program Participant after completion of the Program Registration Form and staff member interview. The results of each Program Participants progress will be documented and form a component of evaluating the results of the Program. An annual Program review will be prepared and available to all supporters.  

EDUCATIONAL AND VOCATIONAL -  The Nuhorizons Employment Resource Center (located within the Nuhorizons Jobs For Women Program facility)  will provide online  self-paced programs and services from internet ready terminals allowing Program Participants  to access hundreds of different educational and vocational courses and, or different curriculum's offered through the following:,  Saylor Academy,   SBA Learning Center and Alison.


  In October, 2019 Nuhorizons was approved by the Allstate Foundation to offer their Purple Purse Moving Ahead curriculum to our Program Participants and Nuhorizons is currently seeking approval to also offer the ‘Hands on Banking’ financial literacy curriculum created by the Wells Fargo Foundation. Instructor led curriculums (‘Economic Security For Survivors’ curriculum) will be added as the Program is fully implemented.

Free online preparation for GED testing will also be available and for Program Participants seeking advanced educational opportunities, staff will work with Program Participants to identify available financial aid, grants and available resources and opportunities.

The Employment Resource Center will also provide Program Participants who are prepared to enter the workforce with online access to over two dozen job listing sites for Central New York.  Available information will include jobs by: city (Oneida, Utica, Syracuse, Rome), county (Oneida, Madison, Onondaga) ,industry type, job type and job sector type.

Our staff will assist Program Participants in resume writing and development and job interview techniques.


THE PRIMARY ACTIVITY OF THE WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM - the initial primary activity of the Program that will create the program participant positions is the origination, marketing, and sale of novelty and souvenir items relating to sports and entertainment industry stars. Throughout the last few years, a number of high profile incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and domestic violence have been attributable to individuals in these industries, and players, entertainers, leagues, teams, and organizations are asking the question, "What can we do to help?". One way is through participation in the NuHorizons Jobs For Women Program, where participating individuals will autograph an item, the NuHorizons Jobs For Women Program, will create professional reproduced prints, and through the participating individuals ask their social media followers to support the Program with a nominal amount, for which  in return they will receive one of the autographed reproduced prints of the individual they already follow.

After a detailed 4 week training experience provided each Program Participant following the NuHorizons Training Manual, through the origination, marketing, and sale of items, online and eventually at retail locations, Program Participants will receive Real on the job experience in the following areas, qualifying the Program participants in numerous fields:

  • online sales and marketing

  • inventory control

  • promotion and public relations

  • customer service

  • sales

  • order processing and shipping

  • numerous social media related function

As the Program expands, activities of the Program will also expand, seeking donations of all types of items from furniture to office or household items, vehicles, appliances and electronics, all to be marketed and sold through the activities operated by the Program Participants.

We also envision expanding the Program into training for positions in the food and beverage industry, as a location is located to serve as the Horizons Community Center, with job training and experience in all positions form cook to hostess, to dishwasher, to server.

Receipts from the various programs activities will fund the training and experience provided Program Participants, who will be paid for their 'on the job' experience.

All program and services to Program participants are provided free of charge, and participation is on a complete voluntary basis.

NuHorizons will also provide Program Participants training in job interview techniques, resume preparation, and assist with transportation to community job interviews, in addition to having a staff member work with community employers to identify available positions for Program Participants.

PROJECTED OUTCOME AND IMPACT - There is a direct positive impact on both Program Participants and the community, as Program Participants receive meaningful assistance in attaining their dream of successful community reintegration with permanent self sustaining employment, while at the same time there is a direct positive impact on the community, as the cycle of governmental dependency is broken as individuals attain their dream of community reintegration.

NuHorizons will work with local service providers throughout Central New York, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies, seeking their cooperation in making our program known and available to qualified individuals, The NuHorizons Jobs For Women Program will compliment the housing services provided by area service providers, providing a first-of-its-kind jobs program, with REAL on the job training and experience.

NuHorizons projects up to 24 women participating in Year 1, with the potential to grow up to 96 women annually.



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